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Exclusively Yours

A Comprehensive Leads Marketplace: Select from inbound and warm transfer calls, real-time exclusive data leads, and aged leads.

Exclusive, Real-Time Leads: High-intent, exclusive leads that scale with your demand.

Preferred Pricing: High-quality meets preferred pricing means better success for your business.

LeadStar has one of the best, user-friendly platforms I’ve seen in the insurance industry.  The quality of the leads are hands down the best.  I am consistently closing at more than 20%, which is unheard of these days.

-William R.

Powerfully Simple

Same Day Sign-Up to Sales: With a front-end design so intuitive, you can expect to go from sign-up to selling within the same day.

Mobile-Optimized: Sell confidently wherever your business takes you, with a consistent cutting-edge experience, on mobile, desktop and tablet.

On-Demand Training and Helpdesk Support: A library of content for set-up and sales as well as a dedicated support team.

Platform is easy to navigate. I like how you can toggle between active campaign and pausing. 

- Jill H

Completely Compliant

Compliant Leads: All lead sources have CMS, TCPA and consumer protection compliance verified — before they are delivered to you.

Effortless Call Storage System: CMS-required inbound call recording and storage – no extra steps required. Zero integration, zero cost, zero problems.

A Leads System that Evolves with Regulatory Changes: Consistent, dynamic, compliance updates to keep your leads safe.

Nice platform and very user friendly. 

-Laura R.

Precisely Planned

Customer Connection: Exclusive, real-time data leads – connect with customers while they are actively shopping.

Schedule your Sales: For inbound and warm transfer calls easily select the date, time and lead type — delivered on your schedule.

Flexible Campaign Management: Ability to pause and resume your campaigns at the click of a button.

I’m only a couple of days in to using this platform, but I’m  already satisfied with the results I’m seeing as far as leads rolling in and their price. 

- Brianna B.

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