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You’re going to love what 100% contact rate feels like

The best kind of lead you can get is the one you’re already talking to. How we get you on the sales call starts with the consumer submitting an inquiry form. Call centers dial those leads on your behalf to verify their interest, confirm the accuracy of their lead info and obtain permission to transfer the call over to a sales agent.

Setup a Call Campaign that fits your schedule

Select your industry and product

Choose one product per campaign from presented options.

Set your daily call volume cap

Identify your max, not your target volume, as we may not deliver full capacity.

Schedule your availability

Opt-in or out of recieving calls using day-of-week and blocks-of-time selectors.

Select your state(s)

Select your target state.


Our call routing algorithm rewards high answer rates.

Remember to pause your campaign when you anticipate being unavailable to receive calls. Our software optimizes the “round robin” call routing based on answer rates within the state and scheduled availability. When your phone rings, the more/less you answer, the more/less frequently you’ll be included in the round robin. Answer more, get more.

Contact Rate

See What Our Customers Are Saying

LeadStar has one of the best, user-friendly platforms I’ve seen in the insurance industry.  The quality of the leads are hands down the best.  I am consistently closing at more than 20%, which is unheard of these days.


-William R.

Platform is easy to navigate. I like how you can toggle between active campaign and pausing.


-Jill H.

Nice platform and very user friendly.


-Laura R.

I’m only a couple of days in to using this platform, but I’m  already satisfied with the results I’m seeing as far as leads rolling in and their price.


-Brianna B.

Add high converting live transfer calls to your daily workflow.

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