Introducing LeadStar Seminars powered by LeadingResponse

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Best in Class Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars for Medicare Agents and Financial Advisors that will Revolutionize Your Business

We’ve Cracked the Code to Generating Consistent, Qualified Prospects via Seminars

LeadStar Seminars powered by LeadingResponse can put you in front of highly qualified, motivated prospects. We have the industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to get the right prospects in front of you at the right time.

Our seminars are proven to produce more qualified prospects and more appointments for agents and advisors than online, broadcast, or social media advertising.

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Become a leader in your industry with in-person seminars.

    • Proven marketing success for decades
    • Connect with your ideal consumer face-to-face
    • Offer a neutral, yet familiar environment for affluent consumers in your community
    • Leverage the psychological law of reciprocity to supercharge your results.
    • Get access to powerful and proprietary response data that helps you make informed decisions and produce better and more consistent results
    • Save money through several national restaurant partnerships
    • Unrivaled in experience with over 1 million events completed

Educational Workshops

Build trust through educating prospects where and when they need it.

    • Be the local authority in your market by hosting your educational workshops at libraries, community colleges, or universities
    • Use topic-specific educational workshops focusing on tax planning, Medicare, estate planning, or Social Security to help consumers research their areas of need
    • Connect with consumers by delivering relevant and quality content
    • Earn and instill trust in your expertise and experience
    • Problem solve with prospects face-to-face


Reach prospects anytime, anywhere. Book appointments 24/7.

    • Allow prospects to choose how and when they want to connect
    • Unparalleled convenience and engagement with your audience
    • Consistent ROI, even after the event is completed

Rest Assured You Are in the Right Hands

We have the highest attendee rates in the industry, and we have registered over 800,000 attendees and over 25,000 events in 2023.

Every agent and advisor is assigned their own specialized subject matter expert to help create unparalleled campaigns that drive high response rates and, better yet, deliver targeted prospects to your events.

 We personalize our marketing efforts, resulting in 64% higher response rate for personalized invites for our clients vs non-personalized.

Hub, our proprietary client-facing portal gives you real-time access and analytics that will maximize your marketing campaigns. It’s your one-stop-shop for campaign setup, performance analytics, and prospect communication.

Our state-of-the-art in-house printing capabilities guarantee high-quality materials, quick production times, and cost savings.

We’ve integrated cutting-edge technology to enhance our lead generation and marketing processes, ensuring higher accuracy and efficiency.

New designs and invitations are rigorously tested and proven to help you capitalize on higher engagement rates and improved conversions